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Gold Loans with Pawnbrokers Brisbane


Fiat currency or the traditional government currency since its inception has often been manipulated because it is under a central control, by a central bank or authority. The central bank usually regulates the amount of currency in circulation and print more money to fundfiscal policies implemented by the government.This newly printed money often leads to inflation with only the Government benefiting. This means that the value of fiat currencies continuouslydevalue as the government spends away to oblivion. We all still remember the global financial crisis of 2008 and the great recession that followed. Unfortunately, as governments like to steal via inflation and spend, this means Fiat currency value eventually will end up at zero

For reasons above, there have been continuous efforts by various citizens to finding alternative means of fiat currency or storage of wealth. One such alternative that people are increasingly using is gold. The use of gold as
a currency or as a means of storing your worth is not something that started
today. In fact it was due to the removal of the gold standard in the 70s that this modern inflation boom was born. The main advantage the gold standard had over fiat currency was that its value of the currency was stable, encouraged savings, kept government spending in control and the boom bust cycle did not exist.

One area that has become more increasingly popular in recent times is the use of a gold loan from various pawnbrokers. With a gold loan, a gold item is provided to pawnbroker or gold dealer as a security for a loan. Unlike conventional loans, with a gold loan the sum to be loaned depends on the value of the gold and not the repaying capacity. As its secured against an asset the interest rate is lower than an unsecured loan.

Traditional unsecured loans by banks often require a lot of paperwork and can be quite a tedious process. A gold loan by comparison can be quite simple, even if you have bad credit. At pawnbrokersBrisbane the process is simple and you are guaranteed the highest payouts for your gold items with the lowest interest rates. Some other other reasons why you should prefer to take a gold loan with our gold dealer pawnshop.

  • Safety:

When you keep your gold item or jewellery with us, there are no expenditures incurred for storage. Your gold will be secured until you have finished repaying your loan, then you can have it back.

  • Faster:

There is no need for your copies of tax returns and income tax statements. We only check the genuineness of the gold you have provided, proof of where you live and your identity .It is that simple and stress free.

III. There is no debt trap:

If it happens that you are unable to pay what you owe us, you only need to ask us to keep the gold and terminate the loan agreement contract.

  • Transparency:

Most of the contracts involving conventional loans are often technical and sometimes there can be hidden charges. With our simple process, there are no surprises.

In a nutshell, the value of the traditional currency will continue to be influenced by factors that are not under our control. Be that as it may, with gold there is no need for us to worry. As for the latest alternative currency in the market, Cryptocurrency, the understanding of its function seems to be a bit technical. Unlike gold, Cryptocurrencyis also a form of fiat currency.

Having seen a brief history of where we have come from and the numerous benefits associated with gold loans, we are very confident that by choosing us as your business partner, you will be sheltered from any financial storm.