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Installing a Dump Bed in Your Pickup Truck


A pickup truck is a handy vehicle to have sometimes. Moving furniture and other large objects is impossible in a passenger car or SUV. If you work in any kind of field that uses lots of tools and equipment, you definitely need a pickup. But what if you haul gravel, sand, or cement? Your truck can handle it but that’s a ton of work offloading with a shovel. This is where a dump bed is a great thing to have. Let gravity do the work. A dump is expensive and some require a CDL, but you can install a dump bed on your current pickup truck.

Choosing a Bed

Before you install a dump bed, you have to purchase one. You could save some money by looking for good used pickup truck dump beds. There are advantages to buying new ones. There are currently dump bed installation kits that are lightweight, durable and have advanced hydraulic systems. They are well-made and can handle whatever you throw at them. The newer beds are lined with aluminum or stainless. This makes them lighter, while still maintaining strength and a great-looking finish that resists scratches and scrapes. If you’re handy with tools, they are relatively easy to install yourself.


For full installation procedures, consult the directions that come with your bed. There are some basics to be aware of. Before beginning any part of installing a dump bed, disconnect the negative cable on your battery. This reduces the risk of an electrical short during installation that can damage critical electronic components in your truck. They can be expensive to replace.

There are several parts that come with a dump bed that are important for various reasons:

  • Cab protector – This will keep your back window from being broken or the back of your cab from being dented or scratched by the front of the bed.
  • Sideboards – These extend the height of the bed, preventing material from falling out during transit. Loosing part of your load will cost you money and can also cause an accident.
  • Mesh Screen – The extender at the front of the bed should be mesh. This will allow visibility through your back window. Mirrors are great, but the more you can see, the safer you will be.

For people who haul any kind of stone or sandy-type material, a dump bed is a great asset to have on your pickup. It will save you time and strain on your back. There are many options to convert your standard pickup into a dump truck.