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4 Tips for Paddle Boarding with Kids


If your kids spend too much time indoors playing video games, some little fun outside will help. Paddle boarding fun is not for a select few; kids can have fun too paddle boarding.

Here are 4 tips you should know before teaching your kids to paddle board.

  • Let the kids get comfortable with water
  • Find calm waters for the paddling session
  • Teach them paddling skills and techniques
  • Make it fun for the kids

Let the Kids Get comfortable with Water

When they are new to the water, the kids will often fall. It will help if the kids know how to swim. One way to get the kids comfortable with water is by teaching them how to swim. For kids under 5 years, ride with them on the same board to ensure their safety. Older kids may paddle board on their own but make sure that you pick the right board for them. An inflatable sup will be ideal as it will make them sit high in water. Keep an eye on them, and make sure they wear a life jacket. 

Find Calm Waters for The Paddling Session

Calm waters will help the kids paddle with ease. If paddling on the same board with your kid, calm waters will be more suitable than choppy waters for stability purposes. For your kids to develop a liking for Sup boarding, falling often will not help unless they enjoy it. 

Teach Them Paddling Skills and Techniques

For older kids, teach them the necessary skills and safety tips. As we said earlier, an inflatable sup board is softer and better than a hard board for kids. This is because the odds of getting hurt when they fall on the isup are lower than when they fall on a hard board. Though falling off is inevitable, teach them to fall legs first or on the sides, never head first. 

Make It Fun for The Kids

Kids may not be as enthusiastic about paddle boarding as you. If they seem not to like it, throw in some little fun. Once in a while, get off the paddle board and do a swim together. Bring some toys along if you are paddling on the same board with smaller kids. Take selfies. Fake falls so the kid can laugh. The point is, don’t make paddle boarding boring for the kids.

Final Thoughts

Paddle boarding is an outdoor activity that the kids will definitely like. It’s fun, and yes, kids love fun. Use these guidelines to introduce the kids to the fun haven of paddle boarding.