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Everything You Need to Know about Staff Assessment in Manufacturing Industry


Unprecedented and trying times can have a great effect on the physical and mental well-being of employees. That is the key reason most employers adopt various strategies to boost the performance of their employees. Human resources experts will tell you that human resource development and motivation are the most effective ways of boosting employee performance. However, staff assessment should come before the improvement programs.

Employee performance assessment refers to the appraisals and reviews employers use to evaluate the productivity and performance of their employees. Employers use the assessments to test the personality, skills, and aptitude of their employees. They also do the assessments for compensation review, termination, and promotion, and performance improvement. Below is the main strategies of staff performance assessment.

  • Management by Objectives

Management by Objective (MBO) is among the commonest methods of staff assessment. This method allows managers and the staff to identify, plan, organize and communicate their objectives. Besides, the managers and employees have to discuss the progress for establishing and controlling the feasibility of the objectives after they set them.

The method is used when there is a need to ensure that the manufacturing business goals and the objects of the employees match. MBO focuses more on intangible goals like interpersonal skills and commitment to work. The review period can be annually, semi-annually, or quarterly and the employees have to be judged according to their results.

  • 360-Degree Feedback

This is a tool and method that offers every employee a chance to receive performance feedback from the supervisors or managers, four to eight peers, coworkers, customers, and the reporting members of staff. Mostly, each individual has to respond to the 360-degree feedback method during self-assessment.

One big benefit of 360-degree feedback is that it eliminates bias during reviews. A quick example, if a manager reviews an employee negatively because they do not get along well, the reviews from other parties, including the clients and coworkers, will help them note the bias. A good remedy for such situations would be to move the employee to another department.

Some of the 360-Degree feedback method components are self-appraisals, managerial reviews, client reviews, peer reviews, and subordinate appraising managers. Self-appraisals allow the employees to rate their performance and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Assessment Center Method

Organizations use the assessment center method to identify the potential of the management and identify the suitability of candidates for high functional positions. Most companies use it in manager development processes to evaluate the personality traits and abilities of a candidate. They base the process on standardized conditions and the candidates have to complete a combination of individual and group exercises that stimulate the circumstances of their jobs. The assessors have to identify the behavior of a candidate and use it to predict their potential.

The assessment center method was developed in the 1930s but it has been improved over time to match the needs of modern businesses. It helps employees know how other people see them and how their performance affects the organization. One of the greatest benefits of this method in the manufacturing industry is that it helps managers gauge the current performance and predict the future performance of every employee.

During the assessment process, each work has to take part in social-simulation activities like decision-making problems, informal discussions, and some other tasks that can enhance their success. The involved persons then gauge their performance. This method requires a lot of time. It is also expensive.


One of the things you should do is review the performance of people working in your manufacturing business regularly. Regular assessment will help you improve their efficiency. According to Iskander Makhmudov, staff assessment will help you understand your employees. It will also help you help every employee achieve his/her goal while reducing staff attrition. So, choose one of the above assessment methods and apply it in your manufacturing business.