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Introduction to Crossbite: Signs and Treatment


Crossbite is a common dental issue that affects both adults and kids. It is a teeth misalignment where one or more teeth are aligned improperly. If you feel pain and discomfort, you must visit the Whitby dentist. This article is a complete guide on the crossbite, signs and symptoms and more. Let’s dive in! 

What is Crossbite? 

Crossbite is a dental condition or a misalignment of one tooth in a particular part of your mouth. In such a condition, the tooth remains closer to your cheeks in a more lingual and buccal position. Crossbite is generally caused due to skeletal or dental conditions. Some major causes of crossbite are tooth growth delays, habits, bone structure problems, genetics, upper airway issues and pacifier and thumb sucking, which pushes the teeth in the front. Such a problem generally has long-term impacts like tooth sensitivity, uneven enamel and headaches. 

Signs and Symptoms of Crossbite 

Some common signs and symptoms of crossbite include: 

  • Inability to speak and chew properly 
  • Pain in the teeth and jaw 
  • Unbearable headache and toothache 
  • Always biting your tongue and inner cheek 
  • The lower and upper teeth rows do not touch 
  • Pain in one or more tooth 

Treatment For Crossbite

1. Orthodontic Treatment:

This treatment includes braces or clear aligners to correct crossbite. Braces apply gentle pressure to move misaligned teeth into proper positions over time. Clear aligners offer better results to straight teeth to correct a crossbite. Orthodontic treatment helps properly align the upper and lower teeth. Additionally, it improves bite function and aesthetics.

2. Palatal Expander:

This dental tool opens up the upper jaw to treat crossbite that results from small dental arches. In order to widen the palate, the expander is affixed to the upper molars and gradually presses outward. By widening the upper jaw, this corrects the crossbite by giving the upper teeth more room to line correctly with the lower teeth.

3. Tooth Extraction:

In case of severe overcrowding and crossbite, tooth extraction treatment is suggested. During the procedure, proper space for the alignment of the remaining teeth is create. In order to cure the crossbite and reduce crowding, one or more teeth may need to be extracted.

Wrapping Up 

Crossbite is a dental condition that requires dentists’ attention. Therefore, you must consult an experienced orthodontic professional to get solutions.