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Is it OKAY To wear Unisex Clothes?


Did you know there are special designers for both the different genders?

While some of the designers of female clothing are unaware of how to design clothes for men, there are others who are well-versed with the male clothing designs, but totally innocent regarding how to design clothes for females. And then there are designers who are into unisex clothing line. They design clothes that can be worn by both the genders (and even the third gender – as a matter of fact!)

But you might want to know if it is okay to wear unisex clothes.

What if you go on a date with someone who turns out to be wearing the exact same t-shirt?

The answer is a question itself – so what? Does this not make the two of you have similar choices? It can also be a sign for the two of you to be soulmates or even twinflames!

Apart from this, here are other benefits of buying and wearing unisex clothes:

  • If your date stays over and their clothes are dirty, you can offer them your They won’t mind wearing something that belongs to you and can be worn by their gender, too.
  • If you gift someone a unisex t-shirt and they don’t like it, their partner or someone else in the family (despite not being of the same gender) can choose to wear it without embarrassment. Your money does not get wasted and the gift gets the respect it deserves.
  • Do you like twinning clothes with your best friend or another loved one? This is where unisex clothes look cool, even if your loved one is of the opposite gender to yours.
  • Unisex clothing breaks the gender stereotype. It does not matter what your gender is, this category always has something in store for you.
  • Now-a-days, women like picking clothes from men’s section. Why can’t we give the same option to men? Instead of making the genders feel embarrassed of each other’s clothing style, we can always encourage unisex clothing.

If you haven’t got a couple of unisex clothes already, you might want to buy your first one today.