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The 3 crucial factors for e-commerce website regarding dedicated servers


E-commerce is one of the biggest industries on the planet. The amount of business that is being done through online platforms is commendable. For any business the first point of customer contact is its websites thus it becomes very crucial that they maintain their website in an optimum manner.

After the pandemic, the businesses need the services of organizations like WeHaveServers more than ever. There is a need for a business to have an online presence otherwise they won’t be in the market anymore. These are the three requirements of any eCommerce business regarding dedicated servers.

1. Speed –

The dedicated servers should provide a good speed and bandwidth to the e-commerce websites it’s hosting. The main factor is that customers visit the e-commerce website at any point in time thus it becomes very important that the service of the website is never hampered.

2. Reliability –

An e-commerce website can never afford a minute’s downtime. Downtime for an e-commerce website means huge losses, that too in terms of losing actual business as well as customers. It is an obvious thing that if a customer finds out that your website is down then he will move to your competition. A dedicated server should be highly reliable in terms of downtime as well.

3. Security –

Not only an e-commerce organization but no website can deny this fact. The agencies providing the service of a dedicated server should always take care of the client’s data security. A single security issue can turn the business into zero.

Final thoughts

An agency worth its salt will never compromise on these 3 issues. There are hundreds of other factors involved as well but these 3 factors are the crux of any dedicated server. A breach in security or downtime can have many adverse effects on your clients’ business which will directly have adverse effects for an agency as well.

While selecting your service provider, ensure that they are providing optimum services in terms of these three factors. Apart from these three, you should also know about the factors like scalability, monitoring, and infrastructure maintenance.