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The Features of the French Bulldogs that You Need to Know


The French Pug is smart, but he can be a bit stubborn: he requires patience during training. They love to please their tutors, so as soon as they learn that they must act in a certain way or discover a new trick, they will repeat it to cheer their owners. The breed also prefers slower rhythms for not having so much energy.

As they are part of the group of breeds with brachycephalic syndrome due to the flattened snout and other changes in their anatomy, the French bulldog suffers from breathing difficulties, which also limit physical activities.

The Breed with Children, Strangers And Other Animals

The Frenchie Dog is a great companion for children. The Frenchie is also usually very sociable with humans and other animals, provided that the contact with people and dogs is stimulated early in life.

Does the Frenchie bark a lot?

Not! The French bulldog hardly barks, unless he is looking for the tutor’s attention. As it has a low energy level, the breed is not usually the type of dog that barks at other animals on the street or even at strangers.

Is The Race Destructive?

Can be as it is a breed that requires a lot of attention from the tutor, the French Bulldog can develop destructive behaviors if left alone for a long time or ignored. But the breed is also very intelligent and, with patience, can be trained and learn how it should or should not behave.

Is the Frenchie busy?

Not much! The breed has little energy, so it does not demand a lot of activities and is not very agitated. They are calm and loving dogs and, with much attention and affection, perform their role as a companion dog like no other. Often, the French bulldog can be encouraged by the invitation to a more agitated game, but tutors must be attentive and prevent the animal from getting too tired which can cause health problems due to its flattened snout.


The French bulldog has some peculiarities that should be considered by anyone thinking of adopting one. See the main ones:

Indoors:  the breed does not cope well with sudden temperature changes in the climate, so the ideal is that you can stay indoors.

Attention:  love and disposition are fundamental in a French bulldog tutor: Frenchie are very attached to human parents and love to spend time with them.

Noise:  despite not barking frequently, the French bulldog is known to snore. This happens due to the shape of its snout, more flattened, which causes difficulty in breathing.

Bathing:  bathing and shampooing should be occasional. Too many of them can cause dermatitis.