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These 4 Stories are brilliant must-watch Metro Kathalu


The OTT stage has made it simpler to watch motion pictures on the web and invest quality energy with families during the pandemic. The furor of OTT among individuals has expanded so much that media outlets lean towards dispatching new films. From high-activity shows to spine-chiller stories, you can investigate the most recent movies here. Here is a brilliant Telugu movie that must be watched-

Metro Kathalu movie is a collection with four short stories told in a term of 75 minutes. The narratives are composed of Onamalu’s popularity, KhadeerBabu. The Director of this movie is Karuna Kumar. Cast members are Thiruveer Reddy, Nakshatra, Sana, Ali Reja, Nandini Rai, Ram Maddukari, Rajiv Kanakala, GaytriBhargav. This movie is streaming on aha, which is the platform to watch Telugu movies free.



A calm and timid IT proficient Chandu (Thiruveer Reddy) who appreciates his associate Abhirami (Nakshatra) shoots off a sonnet as a proposition through email. They meet in an eatery, and she uncovers her family foundation, her needs throughout everyday life, her first love. She presently requests that he choose whether these are satisfactory to him.


A mishap brings Manjula (Sana), a baffled working-class wife, and an attractive Varun (Ali Reza) together. The late-night and the dissatisfaction emerging out of her husband’s drinking habit drive her to have a casual hookup with the individual who is the reason for the road accident that put her better half on the clinic bed. One night stand between Ali Reza and an older woman Sana adds some shock in this whole part.


This story is about Nandini Rai, who works in the income tax department. She has a love marriage with her husband, who is a very career-oriented person. But they are in a long-distance relationship. Aching for adoration and sex, she and her companion Raghav (Ram Maddukuri) go to a retreat. Before they continue further, she sees extreme agony in the chest. She goes for a checkup, where she finds out that she has breast cancer.

Extremely sad about her situation, she made a symbolic painting of her own and clicked a selfie. She then sends that picture to her husband to reveal that she has breast cancer.


This is a story about a middle-class husband-wife family. Abbas (RajivKanakala) has a habit of Eating legally ( sprouts), whereas his wife Salma(GayathriBhargav) doesn’t like it. Later, he tells the emotional connection of him with this habit.

Although it has different stories, the Director has made this whole anthropology very engaging and mind-blowing. Anyone can see the decent efforts without extra show-off, which is so relatable to people’s lives. Viewers can feel very connected while watching this collection of stories. Without going in-depth, the Director has presented these four stories beautifully. The performance of Nandini Rai gives a great touch in the acceptable dramatization. He performs well in her enthusiastic job.

Rajeev Kanakala does well in his story with an extremely settled and developed execution. The main story is very contemporary and is exhibited intriguingly. The way Nakshatra reacts to her proposition is likewise shown pleasantly. Ali Reza is OK in his little job. So, the overall movie is worth a decent watch where you can’t see unwanted scenes. This are aha originals movies. You can find only on ahaott.