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Top 4 Techniques To Run Highly Converting Google Ads


No… Don’t surrender if you’ve struggled terribly to advertise via Google ads.

There may be several reasons why Google Ads are underperforming.

But, don’t worry.

Let’s go through some of the most popular Google Ads (ลงโฆษณา Google, which is the term in Thai) practices that can help you reach your target customers.

Don’t Use Broad Keyword Terms

When it comes to search terms and keywords, you need to nail them. That’s why refining and testing should be part of your Google ads technique. If the keywords or search terms you use are too broad, Google will show your ad to the wrong people, resulting in fewer clicks and higher spending.

Review which keywords are working and adapt them to better align the advertising for the target demographic. At first, you probably won’t get the balance right but, you must continue to add, remove and change keywords.

Avoid Running Irrelevant Ads

Your ad won’t get enough clicks and won’t justify the spending on your ad because if it doesn’t fit the search intent of the consumers. The title and ad copy of the ad must complement the keywords you are targeting. Also, your ad must contain all the pain points that consumer experiences.

It’s a blend that gives you the performance you want, and it could be just a couple of adjustments away. You can create various ads per campaign — use this tool while filtering the best working ads.

Try To Improve Quality Score (QS)

The Quality Score (QS) is what determines the ranking of your ad on Google. The higher the rating of a particular ad, the better is its ranking. You’ll have fewer eyeballs and less opportunity to convert if the efficiency score of your ad is poor. Google regularly informs your quality score, and it’s your responsibility to improve it.

Optimization Of Ad Landing Page Is Necessary

Your attempts at an optimized ad must not cease after its creation. The user experience is equally critical when it comes to a single click.

When the users open your ad, what would they see? Does the landing page has the exact keywords or content users are looking for? It is essential when it comes to maximizing conversions.

Also, does your website resolve or address the query of your user? A smooth optimization can lead to the conversion of a potential customer to a long-term client. That’s why it is recommended to optimize the landing pages of your website before running Google Ads.