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What are a marked deck and how they are marked?

marked poker cards with invisible ink

A marked deck is a group of cards that are marked in such a way that only a special kind of lens or a camera can see the marking which is made all around the card.

The truly good marked cards are those whose quality is still as good as new like a fresh card from a new deck and marking should be invisible to the normal eye.

Those cards which are made from the machines are the best kind of cards as these machines are an expert in marking cards in such a way that is impossible to see.

These kinds of cards are being made for a very long time as two ways is the traditional method and the modern method of marking.

In the traditional method, the cards are marked with some extra line on either the backside or the corner of the cards in a certain manner.

These lines can help you to see if it is a certain number card or is a card that is specially marked which indicates a face card.

In the modern method, the marking is done through a machine that will take care of everything that is from marking to the packing of the cards.

Due to the machine doing all the work, there is only a small room for error while in humans making the cards might get marked wrongly.

Due to this the player who has brought the cards might be removed from the game and even banned for his life for the casino.

If you want to buy marked poker cards, then you can get yourself a deck of freshly made marked cards.

How to mark cards?

To successfully cheating on a marked card deck, you will need to take certain steps to ensure that they are safe and marked correctly.

You will very carefully mark these cards for having a successful game of poker where you can use the cheating device.

These are the different ways in which you can mark the cards.

  •  Block out

This is how they will use a pen or ink marking on the cards near the corner of the card where there is a design.

This will make sure about certain marked cards that represent a certain number of a face card.

  •  Cut out

In this way, they will take some line of the design out of the corner of the card to make it a marked card.

They will use ink that is matching to the original colour of the card.

  •  Tinting

In this way, the corner of the cards will be marked with a slightly different colour from the corner of the card, which will indicate a marking.

  •  Hieroglyphics

These are marked in such a way that when you look at the corner of the card, you will automatically come to know about the card it is without remembering the markings.

This is a new method and is not very commonly found as this was stopped early because it was caught easily.