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Benefits Of Installing A Heat Pump


Deciding to install a heat pump at home is a safe bet. This air conditioning system is perfect for homes that want to have heating, cooling, and sanitary hot water, thermostat operation in a single system. Also, it can be combined with other renewable energies such as solar technology. Benefits of installing a heat pump:

  1. Energy Efficient System

The heat pump captures energy through natural and free sources. An aspect that allows you to multiply the electrical power generated and transport the useful heat to the home efficiently. The key is that heat is transported and not generated, which allows it to be highly efficient. Did you know that with a heat pump, you can save 80% compared to traditional systems?

  1. Sustainable System

Using energies from renewable sources, such as ambient air, soil/land, or surface water, considerably reduces CO2 emissions. A fact that is a direct consequence of its efficiency at an energy level, and that makes the heat pump an ideal candidate in the career of sustainability in air conditioning systems.

  1. System With Reduced Consumption

As a consequence of its high energy efficiency, the cost of consumption is considerably reduced. And it is that, for example, the aerothermal type heat pump (the most common in residential installations) consumes only 1Kw of electricity of the necessary 4KW, generating the remaining 3 through the energy it captures from natural sources. Thus, reducing the bill at home by up to 80% and generating the consequent savings in homes with this system.

  1. Easy Maintenance And Installation System

Another positive aspect of the heat pump is its easy installation and maintenance since it does not require significant works and adapts to any space.

  1. All-Terrain System Suitable For Use 365 Days A Year

The heat pump can provide heating, cooling, customer water with a single piece of equipment throughout the year. Even so, you also have the option of installing a heat pump only for air conditioning or to generate sanitary hot water. It adapts to what you need and for home services, you can invite technicians such as Wolfers home services for your heat pump repair.

  1. Very Comfortable And Versatile System

Another aspect that characterizes the heat pump is that it can generate a very healthy environment, achieving the ideal temperature and quality air thanks to its filters, in the case of the use of fan coils. Also, it has the potential to adapt to any home or building that has the necessary space (single-family homes, old houses, buildings, sports centers, hotels, gyms, among others.) And according to the need we have in the home (heating, air conditioning, and DHW)