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Why Pick Vinyl for Your Hospital’s Furniture?


Picking new furniture is never an easy task. Apart from focusing on the latest designs and affordability, you also need to ensure the upholstery fabric suits your needs. Making the final decision in professional settings like hospitals and health clinics gets even more challenging.

To prevent the transfer of germs and maintain sanitation, you should check if the chosen material can be easily cleaned or maintained.

One such option is vinyl. You can search “medical friendly upholstery Honolulu, HI” to find the right supplier in Hawaii.

With the healthcare fabric market tending to touch USD 23.3 billion by 2025, you will find plenty of options in the American market.

Here are 5 benefits of investing in health-grade fabric, i.e., vinyl, for your furniture!

You Can Easily Clean Healthcare Vinyl

Ever since vinyl was created in the 1920s, it has emerged as a go-to fabric option for public places like restaurants, salons, clinics, etc. all over the US. The primary reason behind this decision was its ability to be easily cleaned. In high-traffic areas, you are required to wipe down the furniture daily.

For hospitals, it is very crucial to sanitize the waiting area regularly. Otherwise, patients or staff members may contract infections from each other and get sick.

Health-grade Vinyl is Water Resistant

Usually, you might have noticed that spilling a bottle of water on your upholstered chair can cause damage. The fabric can take forever to dry, especially if there is no sunlight outside. But with vinyl, all liquids form a bead-like structure that you can easily wipe clean.

As the particles don’t seep into the cloth, there is no risk of bacteria spread or mold formation. Additionally, you can find varying levels of water-resistant fabrics in the market designed to ensure breathability.

Vinyl is Highly Durable

When purchasing furniture for your hospital or clinic, it is vital to ensure its longevity. After all, you don’t want to find yourself paying for a new one again next year or dealing with several repairs. Natural fabrics can degrade over time and face wear and tear.

However, you don’t have to worry about such issues with vinyl. It will work well for years to come. The only thing you need to ensure is to keep the furniture away from bright sunlight. The fabric might lose its color and texture over time when placed outside. In places like Honolulu, where the weather is always warm and pleasant, it can be a bit challenging.

Multiple Design Options Available

Aesthetics are an essential factor when choosing fabric for any place. You need to pick something that matches the room’s color scheme and is in trend in Hawaii. With vinyl, you will find various designs and patterns to select from.

Simply, search “medical friendly upholstery Honolulu, HI” on your mobile phone, and you will get a list of places to check.

Vinyl Comes With Antimicrobial Properties

If you worry about your waiting room flushing with microbes, using health-grade vinyl is an extremely wise option. You will find this fabric helps repel any external particles or foul odor. Additionally, there are certain germicides added to the material.

As a result, the furniture will provide a certain level of protection against microorganism spread.


When picking a furniture fabric for a hospital or a health clinic, you need to focus on multiple parameters. Firstly, you need to ensure that the material can be easily cleaned without calling a professional service.

Side by side, you should focus on its durability and resistance to water. One such option is health-grade vinyl, as it offers all these benefits and a lot more.

Check out some of the top designs available online. You’re sure to find some affordable and chic fabrics available in Hawaii itself.