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Split, Mobile, Reversible: What Are The Different Types Of Air Conditioners?


An air conditioner is a heat pump whose operation resembles a refrigerator: the air conditioner draws air from the room, cools it using a compressor, and redistributes cold air. The heat taken is rejected outside the room via a duct. It is, therefore, refrigeration equipment capable of cooling a room to the required temperature.

Whether they are specialists in air conditioning manufacturers, offer the same types of model. It’s up to you to choose according to your needs and make sure for repair services, you go for the best.

Monoblock Mobile Air Conditioners

One-piece portable air conditioners are perfect for occasional cooling. They are easy to install, transportable from one room to another, and cheapest (from 300 €). However, they have a few drawbacks: they are bulky, they must be installed near an opening (usually a half-open window) to allow the exhaust pipe to pass, and they are noisy (comparable to a refrigerator).

Mobile Split Air Conditioners

Mobile air conditioners of the “split” type are made up of two blocks (in English, split means “separate”): an outdoor condenser that allows hot air to be evacuated and an indoor unit delivering fresh air. This unit is mobile but not as easy to move as a monobloc air conditioner since each time; you have to find a window sill to install the fan. The two units are connected by a pipe approximately 4 cm in diameter, passing through a half-open window or a hole in the wall. Mobile splits have the advantage of being less noisy; the engine is located outside the housing. For this aircon type, it will be wise to get regular aircon maintenance services to prevent leakages and break downs.

Fixed Split Air Conditioners

The split fixed air conditioners are in two parts, such as mobile air conditioners split, so they are not noisy and effective. However, expect a cost of at least € 1,000 (excluding installation costs), as well as maintenance costs. Also, check with your condominium manager or your town hall to verify that the installation of an outdoor unit is authorized. If not, you will have to fall back on an air conditioner that expels heat through running water. Be careful when installing new system.