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Perfect The Options in the CBD Moving and Packaging


The team of movers will check each box to make sure that the items inside is well packed and arranged. If they consider that some of the cartons are not well packed and there is a danger that the items inside will be crushed or broken, with your permission they will repack them to avoid the risk of damage. For your convenience, we provide you with a CBD packaging Guide:

  • Place crumpled newspapers at the bottom of each carton and leave room to top up the carton with more paper.
  • Wrap all fragile and delicate items separately and only then arrange them in the box.
  • Put the larger and bulky items on the bottom of the box first and leave room on top for the more fragile and smaller ones.
  • Use only cartons that can be closed at the top and, for added security, glue the top cover of the carton.
  • Put labels with the markings on the boxes: name, the complete address of delivery.

Care for Custom E-Cigarette Boxes

The best packaging for E-Cigarette is to carry it in the original carton, but if you do not have one, carefully pack it in a thick-sided carton and wrap it in pieces of Styrofoam and bubble wrap, glue the carton and put “Very Fragile” “. Last but not least, it is a good idea to look in the operating instructions for the respective products to see if there are any specifics for carrying it. In case of the Custom E-cigrette boxes you need to choose the best options so that it gets delivered properly.

Tips for Labeling Cartons

  • Use a thick marker.
  • Clearly mark the room and the contents of the box.
  • Write “Fragile” or “With this up” if the content requires it.

Once you are done with the boxes, describe the contents on one side of the box so that they are easily recognizable and make a packing list for your convenience so that you know which item is where. In the process of CBD branding this goes essential now.

Write down your name and the room where you want to unload the box. Paste an inscription on each of the boxes, which inscriptions correspond to the inscriptions on the boxes, so that the boxes for the respective product can be easily indicated. Put a special sign, for example, the number 1 or the letter A, on the boxes you want to be delivered to you first.