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A guide to leather upholstery


Upholstery is a work of providing your furniture with a unique and comfortable look by adding different fabrics and materials.  A custom made sofa or chair always looks beautiful and decent due to these elegant fabrics. Not only you may give a unique look to your furniture, but you can also turn your old favorite into a modern and stylish chair. The art of turning old furniture into new by adding fabric covering is known as re-upholstery. There might be a sofa you love the most in your house, and even after it gets old, you don’t want to throw or sell it. Go for some stylish and modern re-upholstery and turn it into a lovely product – it will be able to be used for at least more than a decade.

Upholstery is in the process of up-gradation since the beginning; you may find many new varieties and types which were not present before. This guide here will tell you all about leather upholstery these days. It can be quite useful for those who are going to buy leather for their furniture.

Types of Leather upholstery:

You can divide leather into different types according to its quality. There is no doubt that leather is the most durable. With making a few changes, the quality of leather might increase or decrease, but all will provide you with definite benefits. Few types of leather upholstery are:

  • Split leather: Leather is expensive, so to make it more approachable you may find different qualities that are easy on your pockets. Split leather is one of those when a top and a full-grain layer is removed, the lower layer of leather left behind is known as Suede or split leather. No doubt it is pure leather, but the quality is low, and it is prone to scratch and wear & tear.
  • Bonded or Faux leather: It is made with scraps of leather along with polyurethane. It may provide you with many benefits, but that will not include durability and feel of leather.
  • Dyed Leather: Who says you have to stick with the same color if you prefer leather furniture. It is available in different dyed colors that might or might not affect its quality. We can divide dyed leather into the following three categories:
  1. Aniline: It shows the pure surface of leather, with no extra protectants to its surface. Because of no additional protective coating, you may find leather in different shades and get a genuine feel of leather.
  2. Semi-Aniline: It is leather which comes with an additional protective coat to give it a more durable and uniform look. It’s beautiful and comfortable but not as soft as Aniline.
  3. Nubuck leather: Nubuck is a combination of sanding aniline leather. In the result, the leather may provide softer and velvety feel like split leather, but it is far better in quality than it.

Benefits of leather furniture:

Installing leather upholstery to your furniture items might provide you with the following benefits:

  • Comfort: Nothing is more comfortable and cozy than a leather sofa. The fabric of the highest quality will not provide you with the exact feel.
  • Quality: Leather is leather, after all, no questions on its high quality. This is the reason you will find it as the top inline product for any furniture store. The modern tanning process is an excellent help in making it resistant against cracking and scratches.
  • Elegant look: Leather is often known as a status symbol due to its sleek look. It may provide you with luxurious looks, a fresh smell and best feel. Status symbol or not, a classy leather chair in your office or home adds a strong impression to the décor of your room.
  • Universal appearance: When leather is dyed, the color absorbs in its material which means it will not fade. Whatever you select for your walls and décor the leather furniture will always match with it.

Let’s collaborate:

After gathering all the facts, we can say leather is a good option for furniture. Make sure to consider the kinds and dyed types of leather. It will help you to choose the material according to your lifestyle and taste.