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Best Tips to Consider Before Buying a Washing Machine


Washing machines have been in the market for so long that you now have multiple options. You can find them here: This can be a double-edged sword. Having many options is an advantage, but it can also be a detriment if you are not familiar with the features.Buying the right washing machine you can use at home will reply primarily on your analysis of the factors to consider. Looking at the basic factors, you will have to look into the features, load, function, and capacity of the machine. You might want to look into the unique features of each option you have. These include wash programs, digital display, quick wash, temperature control, child lock, and others. If you are in need, you can research on costs of home appliances before deciding on buying one. 

What type of washing machine do you want?

There are front loaders and top loaders. The front-loading washing machines are more expensive than the top-loading type. However, this type also performs better and it uses less energy and water. It works by turning over your laundry again and again in a gentle tumbling action. It is repeatedly thrown into the wash water. This type is gentle on the clothes and it is perfect for dealing with unbalanced load.

The top-loading washing machine is the cheaper option. It weighs less and washes faster than the front loader. However, it uses more water and may not be gentle on your clothes. It may not be able to wash thoroughly. Front loaders use gravity to wash your clothes while top loaders use a lot of water for the clothes to float then let the impeller or agitator move the laundry.

Then there’s the washer-dryer combo. This is a combination of a front-loading washing machine and a clothes dryer in one unit. This is great only when you consider the built-in dryer as the last resort since this type of washing machine is more prone to breakdowns.

What to look for in a washing machine?

The following are some of the most important factors for you to consider when you buy a washing machine:


This may range from 5kg to more than 18kg. Try to measure your typical load using the weighing scale then pick up a fuller load and calculate the difference. You can consider this your starting point to figure out the usual capacity you need.

Wash Settings

Some washing machines have wash programs such as water level alternatives and gentle wash for the more fragile clothes. This will allow you to customize and save the laundry settings that suit you.


Front-loading washing machines are louder and more high-pitched than the top loaders. This is because of their faster spins speed. If your machine is near the living room or dining room, this has to be considered.

Material of the Drum or Tub

Often you can choose from stainless steel, plastic, and porcelain-enamel. The longest to last are the stainless steel drums.