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Exploring the Costs of Holidays to the Maldives


If you’re looking for a picture-perfect tropical getaway, the Maldives holidays are an ideal choice. White sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters await those who make the journey, but is it true that holidays to the Maldives are expensive? Let’s explore the various costs associated with taking a holiday in this paradise.

Accommodation Costs

Accommodation in the Maldives can be quite pricey, especially if you go for a luxury resort. But there are plenty of more affordable options available, such as villas and guest houses. For example, you can find a basic one-bedroom villa on AirBnB for around £150 per night. Guesthouses offer even better value, with prices typically starting from around £50 per night. So if you want to save money on accommodation, it might be worth considering one of these options instead of splurging on a luxury resort.

Transport Costs

Getting to the Maldives is surprisingly inexpensive thanks to budget airlines like FlyMe and Manta Air offering flights from many major cities in Asia and Europe for as little as £100 return. Once you’re in the Maldives, getting around is easy and cost-effective too—ferry transfers between islands cost just a few dollars per person and there are plenty of boat tours available that won’t break the bank either.

Food & Drink Costs

Food and drink in the Maldives isn’t cheap—but it doesn’t have to break your budget either! Most resorts offer all-inclusive packages which typically include breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic). If you choose not to go down this route then eating at local restaurants is still very affordable — dinner for two will usually cost no more than £20-£30 depending on what you order. Plus, there’s no shortage of street food vendors serving up delicious dishes like tuna sandwiches (mas huni) or spicy curries (mas riha) for less than £5 each — perfect for those days when you don’t want to spend too much money but still want something tasty!    Conclusion: Taking a holiday in the Maldives doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg — if you’re savvy about where you stay and what transport/food/drink options you choose then it can actually be quite affordable! You may not get five-star luxury but there are plenty of other ways to enjoy this beautiful island nation without spending too much money. So don’t let budget worries put you off from booking your dream trip; with careful planning it’s totally possible to have an amazing holiday in The Maldives without breaking the bank!