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Missing Going Out? Plan a Party Virtually


In some parts of the world, restrictions have been eased enough to allow people to go out and have some semblance of normalcy in their lives. Still, if you’re not doing important things, it’s still advised that you stay at home to help our frontliners deal with a more manageable number of COVID cases and to prevent the further spread of the virus.

With that said, it can’t be helped that you want to go out and do the things you used to do in a very carefree manner. But while we’re waiting for everything to be better, why not throw a virtual party instead? Here are some ideas:

Pajama Party

A Skype or Zoom call with your friends can be the best way to relieve feelings of loneliness and restlessness especially during the pandemic. All you have to do is set a time when everyone is available, and make it a little more fun by incorporating a theme. A pajama party is fun in real life, and it can also be fun done virtually. Tell everyone to show up in their coziest pajamas and with their midnight snacks to boot. You can also do your skincare together for that ultimate bonding experience. If you want to give everyone a special treat, consider buying sheet masks online and sending them to each of your friends’ houses, then you can all apply them together at your virtual pajama party. This way, the distance won’t feel as great.


What’s one thing you used to enjoy doing with your friends? If you liked watching movies or binge-watching an entire series together, a watch-a-thon would be perfect. Consider a Netflix watch party, or just simply watch a show together at the same time. Talk through your favorite social media apps or through a video call to get the feeling that you’re in the same room. Don’t forget to send the other people a photo of your snacks so that they can enjoy the watch party even more! If you have hours to spare, you can also have a cooking session beforehand, where you prepare the snacks you’ll eat before the show starts.

Zoom Background Contest

A pajama party and a watch party might take more time than you have to spare, what with a home-based full-time work and home duties to fulfill, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some free time for your friends. A short but fun contest over Zoom can do wonders for your mental health and happiness. Tell your friends to pick a fun Zoom background and coordinate their outfit with it on your next Zoom catch up. Update each other about your day and how you’re doing so far. Rest assured, after the call is over, your mood will feel lighter.

No one should feel alone and isolated during such a difficult time. As we’re braving this new normal of limited physical social interactions, find new ways to be social online. Don’t do it just because it’s hip; do it because you do need human interaction, even if it’s through a computer screen for now.