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What Are The Benefits Of An Evaporative Air Conditioning Unit?


Evaporative air conditioning units have several benefits; this is why many people choose to invest in this unit. It is a beneficial method of keeping cool and is relatively easy to maintain. With the rate at which energy prices continue to skyrocket, evaporative air conditioning units offer an energy-efficient cooling method. There has been an age-long debate about evaporative cooling vs air conditioning as people are trying to decide the better option. To help you choose better, below are some of the benefits of evaporative air conditioning units.

Energy Efficient

When energy costs are skyrocketing, people are wondering about evaporative cooling vs air conditioning energy costs. However, the truth is evaporative air conditioning unit offers far lower energy costs than the alternative. When it comes to home cooling, the air conditioning unit usually consumes high energy to keep the air in the home refrigerated. On the other hand, the evaporative air conditioning unit uses 90% less energy than the air conditioner.

Improved Air Quality

When it begins to get hot, an air conditioning unit requires you to shut the windows and breath the same air for hours. This scenario is not the case with the evaporative air conditioning unit. This part is where the odds favor evaporative cooler in the evaporative cooling vs air conditioning debate. It provides you with fresh, cool air from the outside. It draws air from the outside, cools it, and then filters it from impurities before releasing it into the home.

Eco-Friendly Option

Refrigerated cooling tends to dry up the air in a home. It also makes use of chemicals that might cause harm to the environment. The reverse is the case with an evaporative air conditioning unit; it uses the natural cooling method. There are no chemicals involved in this cooling method, and the air released doesn’t get circulated again. Every time the evaporative air conditioning unit releases air into the home; it is always fresh air from outside.

Easy to Maintain

Evaporative air conditioning units are usually relatively easy to maintain. All it needs is regular servicing by a qualified technician, and it will continue to offer you the best performance. It is also relatively fast and easy to install. You also have the option of portable evaporative coolers that require no installation whatsoever to use. The best part about it all is how quiet it is when being used; you no longer have to deal with the hum of an air conditioning unit. You won’t hear a thing as you’re sleeping; it will keep you cool without disturbing your peace.