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When Do I Need to Consider Driveway Resurfacing?


Driveways are originally black in colour. However, as of now, there are different materials used for the laying of driveways. It adds a different beauty to the place and undoubtedly it increases the valuation of any property. But everything has a life and considering this, driveways are also subjected to wear and tear. It requires maintenance periodically. With usage and exposure to the open air, the colour and lustre fade away. Apart from this, there can be potholes or breaking of the upper layer that need to be addressed effectively and efficiently.

According to the professionals associated with driveway resurfacing, there are instances where the house owner finds himself/herself in a catch-22 situation regarding whether to go for resurfacing or not. Questions like shall I repave my driveway now or leave for later creep into. Well, to all queries, this blog will address some of the key considerations that impact decision-making.


It is where the majority of the house owner gets stuck. As already discussed, there can be numerous parameters on which the assessment is to be done. The experts who are into driveway resurfacing pinpoint some of the exclusive conditions that are as follows—

  1. The very first instance of assessment stands at the position of the driveway. It is mostly recommended to consider resurfacing when the deterioration of the surface is less than 30%. This is the prime time when resurfacing would be effective, and the investment done would add another 5 years to it. This is very effective if the driveway you have is made up of asphalt.
  2. Everything has a foundation. Even your driveway will have. Therefore, before going for driveway resurfacing, one needs to ensure that they have a solid and firm foundation. Technically, a structurally sound foundation stands extremely good for resurfacing.
  3. If you have an asphalt driveway, look out for the age of the asphalt. Experts recommend that resurfacing works only when the asphalt is not more than 20-25 years. Too old means degradation in the surface quality and hence, overall finish. Therefore, hiring the best time in the town for asphalt driveway resurfacing takes into account the age of the surface as well. This is applicable for all other surface structures as well except for concrete that is quite durable.
  4. The depth of the cracks formed on the surface too matters. If the cracks are wide open and big, then resurfacing will not bring back the lost glory or finish. Resurfacing stands possible only when the cracks are shallow. Experts with the proper techniques, address these cracks efficiently and effectively to give the right finish. As far as the width of the cracks is concerned, it should not be too broad as it will not come under resurfacing. In such cases, you would need to hire experts who repair the surface.

Based on the above-mentioned some of the assessment points, you could either choose to resurface or replace. It is always advisable to do the resurfacing as it improves the life of the material and does not add impact to the glory.

What’s Involved with Concrete Driveway Resurfacing?

In one of the points mentioned above, it says that every surface looks for more or less the same type of surface treatment except that of the concrete. Concrete is an all-different kind of material and hence, has a different way of approaching it. Being the toughest material, it does not degrade or breaks easily. However, resurfacing is also done on concrete driveways. It follows a series of activities, meticulously done, in order to obtain the right finish. The following are some of the ways by which driveway resurfacing is done in the case of concrete structure—

  • The first step involves a thorough cleaning of the surface with the help of jet water spray. This is a forced way of cleaning the dirt and dust that gets stuck onto the surface over a period of time. Unlike other structures, like in the case of asphalt, the damaged parts are peeled off slightly before resurfacing them. Both are almost similar.
  • The deep and serious damages, if any, are firstly addressed. Concrete needs to be applied on the surface at a go hence, one needs to be very much particular about how things are going to be.

The experts post concrete driveway resurfacing check out for the water stagnation and different kinds of moulding faults which are addressed as per the requirements.

Why Should one go for Driveway Resurfacing?

It is a million-dollar question and one of the thoughts that lead to a catch-22 situation. Resurfacing is a kind of maintenance activity given to the surface after a regular interval of time. It addresses the degradation and other types of surface deterioration that happens over time because of wear and tear caused due to usage and weather conditions.

The answer to why should one go for driveway resurfacing is the associated perks. As per the experts, It is necessary to do driveway resurfacing. Following are the advantages of driveway resurfacing: some of them are as follows—

  • Overall Driveway Appearance

Degradation in the aesthetic look of a surface does not happen overnight. Instead, it happens in bits and pieces. Eyes cannot sense the changes. But the truth is a person entering your house gets a bad impression simply by looking out a worn-out driveway. It is, therefore, believed that resurfacing helps in getting back the old beauty. If you want to ascertain that your driveway holds the same aesthetic beauty over the year, periodic resurfacing needs to be done.

  • Add Years to your Driveway

A driveway is not a cheap investment. you have spent dollars just to make sure that your house gets the much-required Midas’s touch. Therefore, a person must ascertain that the driveway continues to serve for more than a century. This is possible only when periodic driveway resurfacing is done with the right quality of materials and experts.

  • Acts as a Protective Layer to the Sub Structure

Resurfacing is not only for adding aesthetic value to the driveway but also enhances the functionality. It means, the process of resurfacing involves adding a layer above the surface that prevents surface cracking. It is a protective layer that prevents the quick degradation of the original surface apart from preventing water and other environmental elements from seeping through the pores and reaching the sub-surface or foundation.

  • Save you Money & Time

Money is time and vice-versa. Surface surfacing addresses both. How? Well, look into this.

If you do not get the driveway surface treated, the deterioration that was to happen in 20 years would start after 3 years and the entire structure would become not usable in the next one year or so. As a result, you would have to invest in money either to reconstruct it or resurface it. In this way, you would have to invest in it more frequently thus leading to wastage of money and time.

Going for the driveway resurfacing would ascertain that this does not happen quickly and the investment you have made goes on for more than a decade with little expenses on maintenance.

Getting the Resurfacing Done Correctly

In order to reap the essence of the advantages and the perks of investment, it is important to have the job done correctly. According to the professionals associated with driveway resurfacing, there are few things you must know about driveway resurfacing. These are—

  • When to go for Resurfacing?

As the main topic is all about resurfacing, one would definitely get an idea of when it should be done. There are several key parameters upon which the assessment can be done, and the decision is taken. Right from cracking to peeling of the surface, each of the damages clearly defines how things are going to be like.

  • The Nature of the Existing Material

It is very important to know the nature of the existing material. Not all materials have the same characteristics and look for a similar treatment. Therefore, it stands mandatory to know the type and nature of the existing material. This would define the next course of action.

  • Provision of Drainage

Your driveway should always remain dry and should never allow water to stand. Therefore, not only the inclination/slope of the driveway should matter but also the presence of the vent for smooth water disposal be included in this. Consulting the right experts would help design a drainage system for the driveway that would be effective and add life. The absence of it might make you invest in driveway resurfacing more in terms of restructuring or reconstructing.


Driveways are undoubtedly a value addition. Therefore, it stands important to keep in particular at all times. Therefore, addressing even the minutest of the issue at the right time stands important. Not only this, but it would also bring down the trouble and the amount of investment that might have creeped in if ignored for a longer time. It is necessary to know all the details and make the right decision at the perfect time.