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Poor Driving Habits that Damage the Transmission


Drivers engage in poor driving habits such as dangerous overtaking, over speeding, and failing to indicate. Though not all bad driving habits affect the vehicle’s transmission, some do. Therefore, drivers should learn how to treat their transmissions to avoid reducing their longevity. Because some don’t know which habits damage the transmission, it’s advisable to research and understand their vehicles. Below are some bad driving habits that greatly affect transmission.

Driving Overheated Vehicles

Vehicles can overheat when the driver is on the wheel. Sometimes, they overheat due to reasons they can’t control, such as extreme weather temperatures. If the vehicle overheats, the transmission becomes worn out and reduces its function. This is because high temperatures aren’t suitable for the transmission, and drivers should avoid drivers if the cars overheat. They can take the vehicle to the mechanic to check the vehicle’s coolant.

Driving When Vehicle is Low on Fluids

The vehicle must have the required fluids for better performance. If the fluid levels get too low, it affects the transmission, which reduces efficiency. This is because the moving parts lack lubrication, and metals grind against each other. Therefore, drivers should take their vehicles for regular servicing to have the fluid levels checked. An experienced mechanic also checks the transfer case to ensure the output shaft seal isn’t leaking. If it has a problem, the mechanic can repair it to function as required. This is because a remanufactured transfer case works appropriately as it’s inspected and cleaned by a professional technician.

Don’t Rest the Leg on the Clutch

Some drivers have a habit of resting one leg on the clutch when driving. This can cause damage and affect the vehicle’s transmission. When drivers use the clutch as a resting spot, it can disengage, shift, get damaged, and affect the transmission. Therefore, both the clutch and transmission are damaged, which affects the car’s performance. Thus, drivers should learn to use the clutch only when shifting gears.

Avoid Resting the Arm on the Shifter

When driving, most drivers rest their hands on the shifter. Though it doesn’t seem like a bad habit to many, it destroys the shifter by causing wear and tear, damage that extends to the transmission. Therefore, drivers should avoid resting their arms on the shifter to prevent exerting extra pressure, which causes damage to the shifter’s inner parts. Thus, both hands should be on the wheel, whether driving at a high or low speed.

Don’t Depress the Clutch Pedal

Most drivers keep their vehicles in first gear, especially in traffic. This exerts excess pressure on the clutch pedal, damages the clutch disc, and reduces the transmission longevity. Thus, the vehicle requires frequent repairs and sometimes the new installation of the pedal clutch. Apart from affecting the vehicle’s transmission, it can cost car owners lots of money.

Car owners should do extensive research and ask relevant questions from their mechanics on the best ways of increasing their vehicles’ durability. They should also avoid bad habits that destroy the transmission. Finally, they should take their cars regularly to an experienced mechanic for servicing.