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When You Might Need an Auto Body Shop


When it comes to auto repair, there is more than one type of work. There are mechanics who work on the engine and its related systems. Tire shops can replace, repair, and rebalance tires. There are also brake and muffler specialists. Although mainly cosmetic, repairs to the body of a car are often necessary. There are several reasons why you may need to take your car to a body shop.


Not as often thought of as other causes of damage, the body of your car can be affected by extreme weather depending on where you live. For example, you may need hail damage repair Lakewood CO. High winds can drop branches or other objects onto your vehicle causing dents and scratches. Being parked outdoors in the sun can also cause pain damage.


The most common reason people need an auto body mechanic is because of accidents. Collisions with other vehicles can cause excessive damage that may require extensive work. Smaller accidents such as bumping a pole in a parking lot or scraping against another vehicle may not cause enough damage to affect your car’s operation but they will impact its looks and its value.


Sad to say, but there are inconsiderate people who can’t resist keying a car in a parking lot or vandalizing it in some other way. Then there are careless drivers who may ding your door, bump, or scrape against your car and drive off without saying anything or leaving a note. You will want this damage repaired. Paint and primer protect the metal underneath and scratches can cause problems down the road.

Cars need maintenance and repair periodically and this sometimes means the body. Don’t neglect your car’s appearance. Keeping it looking good will improve its resale value and can be a source of pride.