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Why Termites Should Only Be Handled by Pest Control Professionals in Denver


If you notice signs of termite activity in your house or on your property, take action right away to prevent further damage. Do not try to handle a termite issue on your own unless you are an exterminator in Denver yourself. Every day that you allow these wood-damaging pests to do their thing, you also deal with increasing repair costs. 

Termites feed on wood cellulose. There are many species of termites in the world. But subterranean, dampwood, and drywood termites are the most common. Subterranean termites prefer to live underground and eat wood in the ground. Dampwood and drywood termites prefer to live in wooden structures and trees. You will know you have a termite infestation if you notice some warning signs such as peeling paint, crumbling wood, mud tubes, loose tiles, hollow sound on wood, pin-sized holes in wood, mounds of grainy pellets, discarded wings, and more. 

Can You Depend on DIY Termite Treatment?

The internet can quickly provide you with DIY termite treatment ideas. Common examples include orange oil treatment and home remedies that involve scattering diatomaceous earth or sodium borate around infested areas. There are many homemade termite solutions out there; however, they are not scientifically proven to be effective. While you may be able to kill visible termites, DIY treatments do not address the source of the issue. As a result, the infestation continues and your home takes all the punches. 

Importance of Professional Termite Treatment

The services of qualified pest control professionals are dependable due to the following reasons:

  • They involve inspections. Before pest control experts create a treatment plan, they will perform thorough house and property inspections. They will locate termites and possible problem areas. Also, they will identify termite species and tailor the treatment to it. DIY termite control may leave you missing minor secondary termite infestations that will pose future issues. Additionally, you may not be aware of the kind of termites you need to address, which makes it hard to pick the right solutions. 
  • They use tried and tested products and tools. Homemade termite remedies are not backed and proven by scientific facts. However, pest control experts use scientifically proven products and tools. If you apply a DIY solution and it does not work, you may have to research and pick something else or contact a pest control professional. Before the problem is addressed, termites are continuously feeding and damaging your home. 
  • They exterminate termites safely and effectively. Pest control experts are licensed to conduct termite treatments. They will safely employ products and tools to address an infestation. Some DIY products contain ingredients that can be harmful to humans and animals. To safely use them, you may have to wear personal protective equipment, which is an extra expense, and follow complicated instructions. You can avoid the risk by contacting a pest control expert. 
  • They offer preventative measures. Even if DIY termite treatments can successfully kill all termites in your house, the pests may infest your property again in the future. This can happen if you do not make our house or property less appealing for termites. Pest control professionals do not only concentrate on the immediate issue but also seek out the attractants and share them with you. This way, you can take the necessary steps to protect your house against termites.