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You Should Not Fix the Air Conditioner by Yourself, Here Is Why.


Air conditioners are no more a luxury. Especially in Singapore, they have become a necessity, which makes the scorching summers bearable and sleep possible. Otherwise, it would be impossible to stay well in the heat of summers of Singapore when the temperature can reach 34 to 36 degrees. 

Since Air conditioner too is a machine, it requires timely maintenance and check-ups. It is liable to wear and tear and will require regular if not often, visits from a professional air conditioner expert. The speed of the process of wear and tear and the requirement of the visits of professionals increase if the air conditioner is subject to a careless attitude.

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Reasons why a DIY approach while fixing an air conditioner is an invitation to disaster

People often think of themselves as a professional after they have watched a few videos on YouTube. However, no matter how much you have watched and read on air conditioner servicing, you are bound to fail. 

Following are some of the reasons:

  1. You can make mistakes – An air conditioner is made of multiple components. Even if one of the components appears different than the one that you saw on YouTube, you will, in best cases, fail and in the worst-case scenario, aggravate the problem with the air conditioner.

Moreover, even if you find the right part, the chances of you deciding correctly between replacing and repairing that part, are slim. 

There are some components that are a part of a larger system, in such a case, you would not know the functionality of the component at hand, leave alone the solution. 

2. You can injure yourselfAir conditioner is a device which consumes electricity. Since humans and electricity is not a good combination, it is always advisable to stay away from it. but when you are venturing on repairing your air conditioner by yourself, you expose yourself 

to the risk of being electrocuted. 

Moreover, not only electricity, but the chemicals inside the air conditioner too are very noxious for humans. If you, in any circumstance, come into their contact, you will be surely dropping a visit to the emergency room of a hospital. 

3. DIY repairs kill the warranty– air conditioner units come with a warranty but once you venture on repairing it all by yourself, you essentially kill the warranty of the air conditioner because the warranty does not protect the air conditioner against such damages. 


The best way to get an air conditioner repaired is to approach a professional who knows about air conditioner repair.