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Top Tips to Clean your Shower Wall Ceramic Subway Tiles


Have you heard of subway tile? Well are you wondering from where does it get its name? Well, here adding to your general knowledge, the tiles were first featured in the New York subway that earns its name which is ceramic subway tile.

However, apart from its name that does attract the crowd and its curiosity, it also makes the ideal pick for those who like to keep their house spik and span. It is easier to cleans fn also renders a modernist look something that is contemporary and has a vintage touch too.

This article covers in detail about what you can do to keep your shower wall ceramic subway tile clean and lovely. So read till the end to know more.

White subway tile

Most shower walls comprise white shower wall ceramic subway tile. However, keeping it clean always and white, as it was when installing, can be quite a task. Yet it is not impossible too. Yet with ceramic subway tiles, cleaning is not a task. It is stain-resistant and you can glaze it with any non-absorbent. Moreover, you can use little water too to remove spills and stains quite easily.

Colorful subway tiles

Many designers also opt for colorful shower wall ceramic subway tiles. These are plain and do not have many places that can capture dirt on them. However, in the case there is any dirt that is seen stuck on it considering the windy climate, you can easily wash it off by using a dry cloth. You can also use a wet cloth too. However, you can be carefree with the tiles as they do not lose color or shine irrespective of how many times you wash them.

These are low-maintenance tiles that can be handled with ease. You don’t need to go spend oodles of money in keeping it clean not worry about any damage caused to it. They are sturdy, strong and have a great shelf life. This is what makes it the designers’ choice who suggest to install ceramic tiles at kitchen and shower walls considering it’s quick cleansing capacities without taking much of your time.

So don’t you want to lessen your task and have a shiny wall always.