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What Does A Servo Motor Controller Unit Do?


Depending on the size and type, a servo motor control unit does various functions. Generally, a servo motor consists of a small DC motor, a control unit, and a potentiometer. The connection of the motor is done to the control wheels using gears and when the working starts, the motor rotates and the potentiometer resistance changes to maintain the servo motor control unit (ชุด ควบคุม เซอร์ โว มอเตอร์, which is the term in Thai) so that it can precisely regulate the movement based on the direction.

Specifications Of The Motor:

The motor is generally small in size but highly efficient which can be used to operate various robotic devices, remote-controlled robots, and also in airplanes.

These are controlled by sending the electrical pulses of certain vibrational width via a control wire.

Controlling Of The Motor:

The motor is controlled by adjusting the positions and controlling the pulse using Pulse Width Modulation Technique. The width plays a key role as it is applied to the motor and variations are done in frequent intervals of time. This determines the angular position of the servo motor.

Each motor in a servo motor has three inputs namely ground, periodic square wave, VCC signals and the width of the square wave determines the width which indicates the direction and speed of the servo motor. By changing the direction we can move the device either forward, backward, towards the left, and towards the right. Remember that the motor always drives in a clockwise direction but when the pulse exceeds the time frame it moves in the opposite direction. Servo motors are widely used in radio-controlled airplanes to control the movement of the elevators. These have a special mode of smooth switching on and off and are widely used in making robots.

One can find the servo-controlled motors in various radio-controlled toys. These help to maintain the speed of vehicles and are used in various automobiles.

These servo motors are also used in various electronic devices which include DVDs.

Whenever a heavy load is applied to the motor the driver will rapidly increase the current which in turn results in multiple rotations of the motor. This is a self-contained electronic device that results in rotation of motor parts with high efficiency and accuracy. It always uses a regular motor and couples it with a sensor which helps get positional feedback.

There are various types of servo motors such as AC motor and DC motor which have a wide range of applications in the electrical and automobile industry.