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3 Signs Your Lawn Needs Help


Don’t you love the look of a lush, green lawn? Keeping your frass looking this way may be a challenge for inexperienced homeowners. Here are a few signs that your lawn needs some TLC before the problem gets worse.

  1. There Are More Weeds Than Grass

It’s not uncommon to get a few weeds popping up in your grass during the spring and summer seasons. Dandelions and crabgrass are the most common types of weeds people find growing in their lawns. A few weeds aren’t much of a problem. You can hit them with weed killer, and a few days later, you won’t see them anymore. However, if large broadleaf weeds inundate your grass, it is challenging for the grass to grow. The weeds take over by robbing the grass of essential sunlight and water. Local landscape maintenance services Kent may help in this situation by laying a broad spectrum weed killer over your entire lawn. 

  1. The Grass Has Brown Spots

If you have a pet, you may have brown spots in your grass from their urine. However, pets aren’t the only cause of this problem.  Bettle larvae called grubs can find their way into your lawn. These tiny pests eat the roots of your grass, leaving behind dead, brown blades. There are natural and chemical treatment options but consult with a professional if your grass has more than a few spots. 

  1. Mushrooms Are Growing in Some Areas

The wind carries fungi spores, and they may end up in your lawn. During periods of high humidity, a lot of rain or if your irrigation causes puddling, the spores develop mushrooms. If the increased water is from the weather, the mushrooms eventually dry out and die back. However, if your irrigation runs too long or sloping causes puddles, you should have a professional evaluate your system. They can reset the timing to ensure the grass gets the appropriate amount of water.