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Taking Care of Mental Well-being During Pregnancy


Every woman goes through pregnancy differently, but it always comes with many confusing emotions. While some might be happy feelings, others might not.

In 2020, there were 209,645 live births in Florida. Yet all the focus is laid on the physical well-being of the mother and very little on pregnant mental health in Florida.

Neglecting parental mental health can have adverse effects on the baby. If the mother goes through increased stress, the hormones released in her body can cause the baby to develop high anxiety levels even before birth.

Read along to know why it is crucial to ensure good mental health for a mother during pregnancy.

Individual Mental Health Struggles

For nine months, every aspect of the baby is connected to the mother. So, it is a given that anything that harms the mother is also equally harmful to the baby.

Babies are known to exhibit reactionary signs to any stress from their mothers. If you suffer from parental depression or anxiety, your baby might show increased heart rates whenever your body releases stress hormones.

Moreover, societal factors can pressure mothers to think they are not adequately prepared. If you are a single mother in Florida, you might even face discrimination and develop unwarranted feelings of guilt or shame.

It is essential to seek help and counsel to dispel these issues. A safe environment for your baby involves both physical and mental stability. So, you should take the extra step to care for your pregnant mental health in Florida.

Habits and Addictions

When you think of mental health, stress, anxiety, and depression come to mind. However, these are not the only mental health struggles a mother goes through.

Like a sizable chunk of the Florida population, you might have a substance abuse disorder. Continued consumption of alcohol or smoking cigarettes and drugs is a tough habit to break when pregnant. Your addiction might be fuelled further by the stress of becoming a mother.

However, remember that the alcohol in your bloodstream can pass to your baby through the placenta. Your baby will not be able to process it because the liver is one of the last organs to develop in its body.

Substance use during your pregnancy might cause the following.

  • Miscarriage
  • Premature Birth
  • Low Birthweight
  • Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)

FASD can cause many developmental problems for your child, like

  • Issues in bones, muscles, joints, and organ growth
  • Problems with learning and behavior
  • Speech and communication problems
  • Slow emotional and social skill development
  • Impulsiveness and hyperactivity

What Can You Do?

Seek help. There are many organizations and medical centers that offer special care for the mental health of pregnant women.

Treating mental health issues or recovering from addictions is a challenging and lengthy process. You require constant care and attention. Centers for pregnant mental health Florida ensure that you are provided a secure, judgment-free environment and resources to take care of yourself and the baby.

Most centers provide the following facilities to ensure your recovery and comfort.

  • Counseling: For mental health and recovery-related problems
  • Pre-natal care and screenings: To monitor the growth of the baby at every step
  • Treatments: To guide you through your journey if required
  • Transitional apartment space: For constant care for you and your baby

It is essential for both you and your baby not to neglect your mental health during pregnancy. So, if you are suffering from problems, contact a center for pregnant mental health immediately. Remember, you and your baby are of the utmost importance.