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Are You Currently Suffering The Consequences of a Personal Injury Accident? Allow an Injury Law Firm in South Florida to Grant You The Compensation You Deserve


The title of this article speaks for itself, doesn’t it? The truth of the matter is that personal injury accidents can happen at any given moment. Whether they be car accidents or slips and falls, these are unfortunate events that certainly bring forth both pain and anguish to our lives. Not only do these accidents have the ability to affect you with those negative emotions, but they can also bring forth ambiguity and uncertainty as you move forward with your injury.

Why? Simply put: because personal injury accidents affect your day to day activities. They affect your peace of mind, and your ability to be your best self. Accident injuries also do not come at a cheap price. The main task at hand when suffering one of them is to seek the medical attention necessary that will allow you to recover from your physical damages.

However, there are instances where the victim does not know that their injuries can be taken care of by either their insurance or the insurance of the party at fault. This latter lack of knowledge dismisses an opportunity for you to have justice for your pain and suffering. You see, your accident will give you the ability to sue the insurance company that represents the party at fault for whichever type of injury accident you had suffered from.

So, we do suspect that you have arrived here because you’re in need of some legal counsel that can clear your thoughts and provide you with the help you are need of in hopes of receiving justice. As mentioned before, car accidents, slip and falls, and other PI accidents are incidents that will undoubtedly bring you a huge amount of pain and emotional uncertainty.

Having these problems in mind, you will need assistance from reputable injury law firms in Florida in order to dispute your future legal claims. We would like to happily invite you to join us throughout this detailed account. Within it, we shall be talking about the legal bases regarding these accidents and how an accident law firm in Florida works to hand you the compensation that you deserve

The Most Common Personal Injury Accidents in the State of Florida

Liability From a Defective Product

  • It may surprise you to know that injuries from defective products in America and in Florida are actually more common than you think. When these incidents do occur, they are immediately defined as an instance where the consumer that bought a certain product ends up causing injuries to that same consumer at the time of its manufacturing operation and purpose. Having said that the legal standard for defective productive liability defines it as an act of negligence coming from the manufacturer in the first place.
  • Furthermore, it must be proven that this specific product failed to meet its purpose and while doing so, causing injuries to the victim. Common injuries include the following:
  1. Burns,
  2. Cuts,
  3. Blunt trauma,
  4. Electrocution,
  5. Smoke inhalation.
  • Common types of defective products include: food items, toys, and medical devices. When the damages are caused by a medical device, a lawsuit can even be considered to be medical malpractice because of the medical setting and significance.

Legal Counsel at your Service

  • We want you to know that a competent injury law firm from Florida will guide you through our state’s laws regarding product liability and as well as the state’s statute of limitations. As a result, they know the amount of time in which you are legally allowed to bring forth a defective product lawsuit. Furthermore, they will make sure that your rights are protected, and even represent you in court if it comes to that.

Personal Injury Accidents due to Car Accidents

  • Commonly known as Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA’s), these incidents are perhaps one of the most dangerous and fatal events.
  • Usual victims of motor vehicle accidents are not only other drivers on the road but also pedestrians and even property owners. One may be surprised to hear about real estate property owners being included in these accidents. This is because there are instances where individuals can be affected by damages to their homes or other property due to unexpected crashes.
  • Causes of accidents behind the wheel include:
  1. Reckless driving,
  2. Substance abuse,
  3. Speeding,
  4. Violation of other traffic laws.

Legal Counsel for Car Accidents in Florida

  • When dealing with these cases, you must seek the assistance of a competent Injury law firm in Florida so that they can begin to build a strong argument for your case.
  • By becoming legally represented, you will gather a significant advantage in winning your case. Your attorney will proceed to conduct a full investigation of the facts surrounding the accident and what came after that caused you pain and suffering
  • In the investigation, your lawyer will gather all of the available evidence of the accident which will include:
  1. Witness accounts,
  1. Toxicology reports,
  1. Property damages,
  1. Driver record history by jotting down party at fault’s driver’s license information.
  1. Police reports,
  1. Medical records and expenses,
  1. Loss of income,
  1. Photographs of injury.
  • The injury law firm from Florida will also analyze your physical and emotional damages deriving from your accident and thus proceed to add value to them. Your compensation will cover all of the monetary costs resulting from your damages (especially the ones that are mentioned above.
  • Lastly, your attorney will deal with the insurance companies for you, and represent your case in court if necessary.

We would like to conclude this informational article by thanking you for taking the time in joining us today. We hope that the points that were covered today have now given you further clarity on why it is so essential to seek the help of injury law firms in Florida.

The legal professionals in these firms will fight for your rights and make sure that you attain the compensation you deserve. Remember, your injuries will not go in vain but the solution is in your hands. Get in contact with an accident law firm in Florida right away!